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Posted by on Aug 9, 2015 in Entertainment Industry, News |

We probably thought that the celebrities just enter relationships to get more time on TV and more pages in tabloid newspaper, but not all of them are like that. Some of them are not immune to pain when it comes to breakup, and Emma Watson seems to be one of them.

matthew-janneyThis young actress has recently split from Matt Janney, a football star. They were dating for a year, and them they broke up in December last year. And according to this actress, she had learned that the most terrible part of a break up is the fact that you might feel that you are not as complete as you thought you were. She says that this feeling does not hit you right away, but it seeps in slowly, but she has said that it doesn’t have to be bad. It can sometimes be peaceful and relieving, but at other times, it can feel sad and scary, according to this young star.

So, this 25-year old actress decided to fight this feeling, and not to let it take her over. And how did she do it; how did she fight these scary feelings? Well, she firmly decided that she is going to escape, and booked herself a trip to the Canadian Rocky Mountains. There, she found herself a small private oasis, and decided on taking a week long wow of silence.

colourchase_cosmetics_featured_in_vogue_magazine_biggest_selling_issue_ever_2014According to her interview with the Vogue magazine, this actress wasn’t feeling comfortable, even during the final stages of her relationship. Then, she decided to take on a silent retreat because she needed to find out how to become at peace with herself. This should also be mentioned to other women out there that decide to fight of their insecurities, loneliness and fears with loudness and noise. Women, fight those things with silence; it will help you learn to live with yourself, and help you find out new things about yourself. So, don’t go crying and calling all your friends for joint men-bashing sessions; follow Emma’s advice.

Even though this “Harry Potter” star said that her break up was terrible, she says that she stills looks at dating as something that is completely positive, and even though she is quite busy due to her acting and charity work, she says that she is quite open for it. She said that she has had boyfriends that have cherished her, and that have built her up. She mentioned that she hasn’t struggled in her love life, but that she can still get hurt from time to time.

This UN good will ambassador and an actress said that everything has clicked into its place now, and that she knows where to focus all of the energy that has been getting to her. She now senses that she is at peace with herself and that many people have told her that she seems a bit different ever since she has returned from her solitary trip to the Rocky Mountains in Canada.