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Posted by on Jan 20, 2017 in Mens Fashion |

Fashion Tips for Men

Fashion is no longer for women only. Men today have also embraced the fact that they also have to look fashionable trendy. Men today are more conscious about what they wear and how they look than was the case a few years ago. every man want to be found in latest fashion trends whether it is in shoes, ties, suits, belts, customized t-shirts or watches. However, men have to be careful when exploring new fashion trends. There are various things that they have to consider to avoid falling out of place. The following are a few useful tips essential when selecting latest fashion trends. Note that last year’s fashion is a past tense today.

• Men should always match the color of the socks they wear with pants. Avoid wearing brown socks with black trousers for instance. If the look is boring even to your own eyes so why torture other people’s eyes?

• Your belt should always match with the shoes you wear. For instance, if you decide to put on brown shoes, your belt should also be brown. There are many types of belts for different occasions; make sure you wear the right belt for the right occasion.


• Do not force your large trousers on your tiny belt. Opt for suspenders but never put on both suspenders and belt at the same time. This is a fashion no no.

• When putting on a tie, make sure when tying your tie, the ends can reach the top of the belt. It should not fall below the belt or fall short of reaching the belt. Note that a short sleeve tie should not be worn with a tie. Ties are designed for long sleeved shirts only. In addition, short sleeve shirts should only be worn for casual appearance only and not for a corporate look.

It’s true that in today’s time there are supposed to be no wrong ways to dress because there are so many different personal tastes and tolerance of these tastes. However, there are a few fashion don’ts for men as far as what not to wear that are important to know for those occasions when you are in general public crowds. These tips are important to know in case you find yourself having to dress for a situation where anything could go to avoid certain fashion faux pas – to blend in, so to speak.

One male fashion no-no is the shorts that are too short. Unlike the basketball uniforms of the 70s and 80s, shorts on a man should fall at or below the knee when standing straight up. This saves you from showing too much skin when sitting, and keeps them at a cool, comfortable length when standing or walking. Too low and you run the risk of looking slumpy or slouchy. Another don’t of the male fashion world is that of sleeveless shirts. Unless you are exercising or playing a lot of sports, it isn’t appropriate to wear sleeveless shirts that are also side-less. This is an important tip because, like women, it isn’t appropriate to show too much skin while in public, and sleeveless shirts with the sides cut out do just that.

It may sound like a cliché and something that either no one does anymore or no one says anything about anymore, but wearing socks with sandals is a major faux pas for the general public in the summer. Not only are sandals made to show off feet (even men’s feet) in the summer, but socks are made for the exact opposite. Putting the two together voids out the purpose of each, and they look kind of silly in the process.