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Posted by on Nov 23, 2015 in Freight Elevators |

What Are Freight Elevators Lifts For?

Generally helpful to get up a couple of floors without having to take the stairs and is very helpful if you’re going on not only a couple of floors but many floors, but imagine going up a few steps carrying some heavy things. Not only this would take up some time but carrying heavy stuff up the steps could cause some strain to your body; your back and legs more specifically. Imagine if you’d be going up and downs stairs multiple times to get some heavy stuff. That is just punishment. So basically you have to have some help with those.

Now here’s something to help you with those physical task mentioned without consuming so much time and without applying too much pressure for your own body. Use the freight elevator! A freight elevator which is also predominantly known as a cargo elevator, goods lift, or a service elevator in the UK is a type of elevator which serves the purpose of lifting up different types of things instead of the usual types of elevators which carry people as passengers. These elevators are very useful especially if you’re trying to bring very heavy or very many things up a few floors.

Generally, these types of elevators are designed to be much bigger and to be tough because of the purpose of carrying a much heavier weight compared to the typical elevators which carries only people; more likely from two thousand to four thousand plus kilos. You might observe when inside one of these types of elevators that the lift would have doors which are manually operated and has an interior which is purposely designed ruggedly. This is because of the intended heavy load on the elevator.

The interior serves as protection to the anticipated rough and heavy weights to be carried inside the elevator. There are also different classifications of freight elevators: Class A-type elevators needs to have the weight of the cargo spread out evenly, and the weight should not be more than one-fourth of the total capability of the elevator; class B can carry up to the weight of top passenger lifts but would also depend on the limit of the elevator; class C1 can handle any industrial-type vehicle with a load on it as long as it does not surpass the load limit; class C2 can hold up to more than a hundred percent of the rated capacity; and the class C3 can also hold up industrial vehicles but the limit should not be exceeded.

 Now, there are various classifications of freight elevators depending on how heavy of a load you are trying to bring. These types of elevators are truly very helpful especially in any construction or industrial settings having to carry heavy loads offering a great deal of convenience. So next time, you won’t need to be going up and down the stairs carrying heavy stuff and go straining your back in the process. Just try to look for these elevators and have a lift.